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Meet Dupe

Accredited Alcohol Free Wellbeing & Transformational Coach and

Author of "A Cocktail of Clarity

I'm Dupe (pronounced Do-pay) and like so many I have been drinking since my late teens, as this was a rite of passage, the norm in our society and was never questioned.

At university, I started to drink on a more regular basis, as it was fun and a way to fit in, as everyone did.  I then went on to work in the corporate world and this involved team socials, client dinners, business travel, conferences, all of which seemed to revolve around alcohol.

I then became a Mum in 2014 and alcohol again seemed to feature with play dates and parties where it was rude not to have a glass of wine or fizz.  Also, it felt like a reward after a day at work to have a G&T or a glass of wine to relax and unwind. 

Before I became alcohol free in November 2020, I was a normal drinker, there was no rock bottom. People would have said I enjoyed a drink and had fun. I was doing well, exercised 5-6 days a week, thought I was healthy and was just getting on with life with my husband, daughter and dog. 


However, I had got to the point where I knew deep down that alcohol was no longer serving me.  I was also aware of a nudge saying there was more to life and I should ditch the booze.  This was coming up more often, so I was becoming more aware of it.

The phrase, “the truth will set you free” also kept coming up for me, so I thought it was time to re-evaluate and decided to stop for 21 days, which I thought would be an amazing achievement and then I could think about moderating.  Little did I know this would be the start of a new adventure.

I discovered the term "grey area drinker" and realised that there is a spectrum of drinkers between those who are tee-total and those who have hit rock bottom, which was fascinating.  I also learnt: what alcohol really is compared to what I thought it was; the impact it has on your brain and subconscious mind; and discovered tools that helped me to continue on my alcohol free journey.

Since becoming alcohol free, life has just got better and better.  I realised I was more aware, I had a lot more clarity and I was more present.  I started to see some situations for what they really were and made changes.  I became more confident in my own skin and I am convinced becoming alcohol free has made me braver.  Ultimately, I had more peace and joy in my life!


I also found I seemed to have more time or at least I didn’t waste time, so was reading more, learning more, doing more, not just sitting in front of the TV with a glass of wine or a G&T at the end of the day.  I became more patient, felt myself becoming more curious and creative and just felt an overall shift.

I am now a runner and completed my first half marathon.  I do yoga every day and have self-care tools that I use regularly.  I am a qualified Accredited Transformational Coach and focus on alcohol free wellbeing coaching, having qualified as an Accredited Sober Club Coach.

I am now keen to help professional working women questioning their relationship with alcohol and know there is more to life and alcohol is potentially holding you back.  I truly believe being alcohol free is a super power and makes you brave.  Getting rid of this one thing is just the start of what could be the most amazing life. 


I will help you to thrive, reach your full potential and live your best life alcohol free and cheer you along the way!

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Change The Way You See Alcohol, Change Your Life!
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How can I help you?


Bespoke Coaching Packages

Thrive Alcohol Free provides coaching packages for high achieving women questioning their relationship with alcohol but are “normal” drinkers.


Have you been wondering if alcohol is really serving you?  Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious at work / in your personal life?  Are you wondering where to start when it comes to becoming alcohol free or just think it would be impossible?


Do you feel stuck in a rut or that life seems to be passing you by?  Do you want to be more present and have more clarity, peace and joy in your life?  Could life be better without alcohol? Do you know deep down that you are unique and were born to do more, be more and enjoy life more? 

If you have answered yes to any of these, then one of the bespoke coaching packages could be for you to help you to begin your journey to becoming alcohol free. 


I fundamentally believe that getting rid of alcohol in your life changes everything and it is the start to living the life you were made for. 


Being alcohol free is a superpower!  Together we will help you to thrive, reach your full potential and live your best life alcohol free!

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