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Get Your Must Have Mocktail Recipes

I wanted to share my favourite Mocktail Recipes with you!

Mocktails are a great way to stop your inner child feeling like it's missing out.

That’s why I wanted to share these easy and fun recipes with you. So, you can try something different. Enjoy!

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Thrive, reach your full potential and live your best life alcohol free!

Coaching with

Dupe Witherick

Empowering women who are determined to quit drinking, to achieve an alcohol free life effortlessly, so they Thrive Alcohol Free!

Meet Dupe

Accredited Alcohol Free Wellbeing & Transformational Coach and

Author of "A Cocktail of Clarity"

I'm Dupe (pronounced Du-pay) and like so many I have been drinking since my late teens, as this was a rite of passage, the norm in our society and was never questioned.

At university, I started to drink on a more regular basis, as it was fun and a way to fit in, as everyone did.  I then went on to work in the corporate world and this involved team socials, client dinners, business travel, conferences, all of which seemed to revolve around alcohol.

I then became a Mum in 2014 and alcohol again seemed to feature with play dates and parties where it was rude not to have a glass of wine or fizz.  Also, it felt like a reward after a day at work to have a G&T or a glass of wine to relax and unwind. 

Before I became alcohol free in November 2020, I was a normal drinker, there was no rock bottom. People would have said I enjoyed a drink and had fun. I was doing well, exercised 5-6 days a week, thought I was fairly healthy and was just getting on with life with my husband, daughter and dog. 


However, I had got to the point where I knew deep down that alcohol was no longer serving me.  I was also aware of a nudge saying there was more to life and I should ditch the booze.  This was coming up more often, so I was becoming more aware of it.

DW AF.png
Work Environment

How can I help you?

Thrive Alcohol Free provides coaching packages for high achieving women questioning their relationship with alcohol but are “normal” drinkers.  


Have you been wondering if alcohol is really serving you?  Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious at work / in your personal life?  Do you feel stuck in a rut or that life seems to be passing you by? 


Do you want to be more present and have more clarity, peace and joy in your life?  Could life be better without alcohol? Do you know deep down that you are unique and were born to do more, be more and enjoy life more? 

If you have answered yes to any of these, then one of the bespoke coaching packages could be for you to help you to begin your journey to becoming alcohol free.  I fundamentally believe that getting rid of alcohol in your life changes everything and it is the start to living the life you were made for. 


Being alcohol free is a superpower!  Together I will help you to thrive, reach your full potential and live your best life alcohol free!

What I Specialise In

Understanding Your Relationship with Alcohol


Self-Care and Other New Habits

Adopting an

Alcohol Free Identity

Setting Goals and Focusing On What Next

Becoming Alcohol Free is just the start.  What comes next is the exciting part! Begin your journey today.

"You really did influence me to stop drinking. Your experience sounded achievable whilst being the challenge I was seeking and I was hugely intrigued as to what lay the other side of an alcohol-ruled lifestyle.

It's been about two months and I don't really think about drinking. I feel a lot better about myself, I don't feel the constant guilt of drinking more than I told myself I would / when I told myself I wouldn't. I have had the confidence to change my appearance and have received lots of positive feedback about that and have recently gone for and got a promotion at work.


In all, stopping drinking has definitely made a positive impact and I am still committed to sobriety, for now at least, I can't imagine a scenario in which I would want to start drinking again."

- Anna

"One of my BIG highs was my coaching sessions with you.  I don’t think I can remember a time that I truly focused on me and was challenged to really work out what was important to me.

I wanted you to know, I often reference you in conversations with friends + work colleagues of what an inspiration you have been to me, you are a phenomenal coach and no doubt are continuing to help others to start realising what their dreams and potential are.  I know for a fact I wouldn’t be in the headspace I’m in now if it wasn’t for you.


All that’s left to say is another BIG THANK YOU!!!!"

- Emma

“I've found the sessions really useful, it has got me thinking about things in a different way i.e. how to make changes to improve specific aspects of my life.  Sessions are very client centred.


They highlighted areas I need to work on e.g. identifying feelings, challenging thoughts and quite a few areas for improvement that I previously hadn't thought about addressing (eating, social anxiety, confidence etc). 


Having homework tasks helped keep the discussions fresh in my mind and helped focus my thinking in a helpful way.  Also thinking about short / medium goals to help me make changes to my life was helpful. 


I am also looking at things from a different perspective by challenging negative thoughts and adding in activity in the evenings to reduce sugary food intake."

- Rachel

Let’s Thrive Alcohol Free!

Tablet & Coffee

Clarity Call

20 mins

Work Desk

Intensive Clarity Session 

90 mins


One on One Coaching

4 Weeks Minimum

Empty Chairs

Thrive Alcohol Free Society

Intimate Group Coaching Program

21 Day Thrive AF Kickstart Image.jpg

Daily Inspiration, 1-1 Coaching and

Group Coaching

The 21 Day
Thrive Alcohol Free Kickstart

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