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Finding Freedom Retreat, Bali
Thrive Alcohol Free

Are You Someone Who...

  • Has stopped drinking but you're beginning to lose sight of why you ditched drinking in the first place?

  • Has is experiencing the initial excitement of not drinking is beginning to wear off?

  • Is struggling to navigate tricky situations e.g. life-changing events (good and bad)?

  • Is finding it takes more effort to relax?

  • Is no longer enjoying social events, as much as you’d like to?

  • Is feeling you’re not having as much fun now you are alcohol free?

  • Still fearing that you will never drink again?

  • Is wondering what life will be like, if you truly commit to being alcohol free, long term?

  • Is feeling bored now you don’t drink?

  • Would like to trust the decisions you make?

  • Is unhappy with your job or career and not sure what you want to do next?

  • Is looking to find more purpose in your life?

  • Is wondering if you are still interesting, now you don’t drink?

  • Is looking for more clarity around where you’re going in life and your future?



Thrive Alcohol Free, Women’s Retreat, Bali

28th July to 4th August 2024

Experience more Creativity, Courage, Joy, and Freedom in your Life!


  • CONNECTION: You will meet like-minded alcohol free women and have an instant community

  • HUMAN DESIGN: You will truly understand how best to use that energy, make decisions and fully embrace and celebrate who YOU are

  • TIME & SPACE: You will be able to truly reflect on what you really want

  • DAILY YOGA: Each morning, you will have the opportunity to breathe and come back to yourself

  • VISUALISATION: Through exercises and creating a vision board, you will start to embody and have a clear path to where you want to be in the next 6 to 12 months


  • Identify and examine beliefs, stories, identity's, emotions and values that are holding you back from success

  • Understand and know your innate gifts and how to use them

  • Get clear on who you need to be to fully embrace your alcohol free self and truly embody this identity

  • Experience letting go of things that are no longer serving you

  • Heal areas that may have been holding you back or have come up since stopping drinking

  • Reflect on where you are now and who you want to be

  • Tap into the higher version of you

  • Learn to listen to your intuition


  • Alcohol will well and truly no longer be an issue

  • You will be clear on your core values and know how to embody these in day-to-day life

  • You will learn tools to help name, manage and process emotions

  • You will understand potential fears and how to manage them

  • You will have clarity on what you really want, so you can move forward with momentum

  • You will learn to take action with consistency to achieve your goals

  • You will go from just being alcohol free and life staying the same as it was before you ditched drinking, to envisioning and going after the life you want

  • You will go home and fully be in the world of THRIVING ALCOHOL FREE!

Enchanted Garden - Drone View.JPEG

You’ve Taken The Amazing Step Of Ditching Drinking.

Now It’s Time To Fully Claim The ‘Thriving Life’ You Were Always Meant To Enjoy!


In One Week, You Will Have A Highly Immersive And Transformative Experience Where You Fully Embody What It Means To Thrive Alcohol Free.


The ‘Finding Freedom’ Retreat Will Merge Self Discovery, Personal Empowerment with Balinese Culture And Adventure.

Step Away From The Everyday Stresses Of Life.


Step Into Creativity, Courage, Joy And Freedom!


It Is Where Wellbeing And Transformation Truly Come Together!

This Experience Will Be Part Of You Forever.

You Will Go Home Transformed And Nourished With Full Clarity Of How To Fully Step Into Your Purpose. To Design The Life You’ve Always Wanted.

Goa Raja Waterfall.JPEG

I'm exclusively inviting you to join...

The 'Finding Freedom' Bali Retreat

This Retreat Is For You If:

Enchanted Garden - Pool Lounges.JPEG

You’re Alcohol Free Or Taking A Significant Break From Alcohol And Are Looking For Authentic Connections With Other Alcohol Free Women

Image by Aron Visuals

You’re Looking To Explore What Thriving Alcohol Free Truly Means To You

Bali swing at Ricefields.JPEG

You’re Excited To Experience Being Outside Your Comfort Zone, And Ready To Immerse Yourself In A Journey Of Discovering The ‘Unique’ You

The Venue

Enchanted Garden Resort is a stunning space, designed and built exclusively for intimate retreats.

It is a modern interpretation of the traditional Indonesian round house. This venue focuses on therapies, spa treatments, delicious cuisine, yoga and meditation.

It’s the perfect environment to gain clarity, recharge, refocus, and ultimately find freedom.


Enchanted Garden Resort is a five minute drive from the centre of Ubud for us to go and explore.

Enchanted Garden - Swimming Pool View.JPEG
Enchanted Garden - Yoga Shala View.JPEG

Through Daily 'Finding Freedom' Transformational Workshops You Will:

  • Gain clarity on what Thriving Alcohol Free means to you

  • Release limiting beliefs and fears

  • Discover who you truly are and what you are capable of based on your unique Human Design

  • Anchor yourself by getting clear on your core values and what you stand for in life

  • Learn how to manage and process emotions and step into your true power

  • Reset and determine your goals based on your core values

  • Visualise and begin to embody what living in true freedom looks like for you

The Experiences

Water Healing Ceremony, Bali Swing and Tea Tasting

Water Ceremony

Mala Bead Making

Mala Bead Making

Cave Waterfall

Morning Rays at Goa Raja Waterfall

Clarity Breathwork


Ayung River Rafting

Ubud River Rafting

Traditional Fire Healing Ceremony

Fire Healing

Traditional Balinese Cooking Class

Balinese Cuisine

Sound Healing 

Sound Instruments

Daily Yoga Classes

Enchanted Garden - Yoga Space with Mats

Investment is £3,000

A £600 Deposit Is Required To Secure Your Spot

Image by Marek Okon

What's Included

DW Smiling in Garden

Enjoy 7 nights in a luxurious, air-conditioned private deluxe room, where comfort and relaxation await.

Airport Transfers
Begin and end your retreat with ease thanks to private airport transfers for all guests in a comfortable air-conditioned car.

Human Design Reading
A 1-1 Personalised Human Design Reading prior to the retreat to make every experience in the retreat more impactful based on your 'Unique' you.

All Retreat Activities
Water Healing Ceremony, Bali Swing and Tea Tasting; Mala Bead Making; Cave Waterfall; Clarity Breathwork; Ayung River Rafting; Traditional Fire Healing Ceremony and Homemade Dinner; Sound Healing; Traditional Balinese Cooking Class; Daily Yoga Classes

Transportation for Activities
All transportation required for the scheduled retreat activities is included, ensuring a seamless experience as you explore and engage.

Savour the flavours of Bali with all breakfasts included, along with 7 dinners and 4 lunches. Delight in nourishing, delicious cuisine that supports your transformative journey.

Enchnated Garden - Entrance View at Evening.JPEG

NOT Included


Flights to and from Bali
Attendees are responsible for their flights to and from Bali

Some meals
While most meals are provided, please note a few meals are not included. We have created space for us to go and experience Bali by eating in local venues for a few select meals.

Travel Insurance

Visa On Arrival
A Visa on Arrival in Bali typically costs $35 and is not covered in the package.

Transportation outside of scheduled times
Any transportation outside the scheduled times and activities within the retreat is not included. However, the Retreat venue does provide a free shuttle at different hours to head to Ubud and back to the venue. 

Medical expenses
Attendees should ensure that their insurance covers any potential medical expenses during the retreat.

Any unforeseen accident, injury, and /or damage to property


The retreat begins on Sunday afternoon and ends a week later on the following Sunday.

Check-in time is from 2pm on Sunday and our welcome dinner will start around 7pm. Check out is by 12pm on the following Sunday.  


You'll be responsible for booking your flights (my favourite search engine is Kayak). The airport to fly into is called Ngurah Rai International Airport in the city of Denpasar, Bali, code DPS.


Once you pick up your luggage and go through customs, a designated transfer will take you to the resort in Ubud.


Travel insurance is highly encouraged to cover any unforeseen cancellations, lost luggage, or medical emergencies.

Your Host:
Dupe Witherick

I spent many years drinking, as that’s what society and the corporate world told me was normal. I realised I was no longer enjoying alcohol, and it got to the point where I knew deep down that ditching drinking would help in some way.

After 20+ years of drinking, I decided to take a 21 day break from alcohol, but never intended to stop for good. However, this led me on an unexpected personal growth and transformative journey. I am now over 3 years alcohol free, I'm currently training for my second marathon in a year. I now practice yoga and gratitude daily, I'm the Author of an award winning best-selling book, and I host a popular podcast.

As an Alcohol Free Wellbeing and Transformational Coach, I now help women who know they want to stop drinking, make alcohol insignificant, so they can explore an alcohol free lifestyle, discover their authentic self, dream again and thrive in every area of their lives.

Enchanted Garden - Drone View.JPEG

Let's Cover A Few FAQs

Do I have to be alcohol-free to attend? 

Yes. This experience is specifically designed for women who are alcohol free or taking a significant break from alcohol.

This retreat is does not adhere to any type of recovery framework, but rather provides an opportunity to experience healing and connection with like-minded women in a beautiful and welcoming culture.

What if I have to cancel?

Because we partner with retreat companies and centres that have strict refund policies of their own, we have the following refund policy. The initial deposit is non-refundable without exception. The second payment may be refundable up to 90 days before the retreat, after which they are not refundable.

The only option to receive a refund will be for you to purchase "Cancel For No Reason" Travel Insurance Policy.

When should I depart my city of origin and when should I arrive in Bali?

Check in is at 2pm on the 28th of July. The retreat will start at 6pm. You will likely need to depart your city of origin on the 27th of July, if you are coming from the UK or USA (due to the time difference.)

If you would like to arrive early, arrangements can be made for additional night(s) (cost not included in total retreat cost.)

Upon departure from Bali, you will arrive home the following calendar day.

Is it open to men?

Unfortunately, not. This particular retreat has been specifically designed for women.


Have any other questions? Email:

If you'd like to discuss if this retreat is right for you:

Enchanted Garden - Garden Path.JPEG

Investment £3,000

When you sign up for the Finding Freedom Bali Retreat, you'll secure your private room and all activities for our July 2024 retreat.

Limited Space Available ~ Only 7 Spots Available!

Private Room In The
Finding Freedom Bali Retreat
28th July to 4th August 2024

Enchanted Garden - Bedroom
  • 7 nights stay at the 4-Star Enchanted Garden Resort

  • 7 Breakfasts, 4 Lunches and 7 Dinners

  • 'Finding Freedom' Transformational workshops

  • Daily yoga classes

  • All group activities and excursions (cave waterfall, sound healing, river rafting plus much more)

  • 1-1 Personalised Human Design Reading prior to the retreat

  • An instant alcohol free community

Payment Schedule

£3,000 TOTAL

 £600 Deposit

Followed by 2 Payments of £1,200

1st Payment Due By 19th April 2024 – £1,200
2nd Payment Due By 3rd June
 2024 – £1,200

**Important Note**

Please Know This A Retreat, Not A Vacation. We Are Seeking Women Who Desire An Immersive Transformation. We Have Carefully Selected Our Adventures, Time For Rest, And A Resort That Supports You, Your Energy, And Your Time In Bali.

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