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Thrive Alcohol Free Society
Intimate Group Coaching Program











Are you looking to be happier, have more time, better health and more freedom? These are all things you gain from becoming Alcohol Free.

In this 10 week intimate Group Program, we will journey through how to go from feeling stuck, frustrated, wondering if there is more to life and questioning your relationship with alcohol to realising that life has so much to offer and by ditching this one thing, it leads to everything!

Better health, better relationships and more wealth in every aspect of your life, physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially.

Through Thrive Alcohol Free Society, I will show you how to:

  • ditch drinking and no longer think about it

  • enjoy alcohol free firsts

  • find new passions and hobbies

  • incorporate everyday self care

  • discover what you really want in life

So, you can Thrive Alcohol Free!

Read on to see if this program is for you!

Do you think this program might be right for you?

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Thrive Alcohol Free Society

This program is for you IF...

  • You are curious about becoming alcohol free - You want to take a break from alcohol or are early on in your alcohol free journey (30 days or less)

  • You want to take a break from alcohol  but don't know where to start or worry about what others will think

  • You are feeling anxious, stressed and overwhelmed

  • You are feeling frustrated and want more in life but feel stuck not knowing what that is

  • You are looking for more clarity and focus in your life

What is Thrive Alcohol Free Society?

Thrive Alcohol Free Society is a premium group program with a small, curated cohort of action oriented, intentional women who are ready to make BIG internal shifts starting with taking a break from alcohol.


This live, interactive coach led program based on the signature THRIVE AF Method and will take you on a journey from Foundation to Firsts to Freedom.  It will enable you to take a break from alcohol, feel comfortable in your alcohol free identity, have a new zeal for life, discover passions and hobbies, incorporate an alcohol free toolkit, develop daily routines, feel more focused, gain clarity, find joy in the little things and feel fully present.


The small cohort design is to ensure a non-judgemental environment, accountability and personal attention.  The program is held via zoom, so all locations are welcome!

What is included?

One of the biggest obstacles in making a lifestyle change is not knowing where to start.  Through the process created, we enable you to get to ditch drinking easily,  embody a new alcohol free identity and find lasting joy in all areas of your life, so you can begin to Thrive Alcohol Free.  The program includes

  • Daily Motivation

  • Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions at Key Milestones

  • Downloadable PDF Resources

  • Exclusive Access to Community Support

Are you excited yet?

Ready to see if this is right for you?

Book a Free Thrive Session to Learn More.


As you start on the exciting journey of becoming alcohol free, initially by taking a break for a period of time, it may seem daunting and almost impossible, especially if you have been drinking for a long time and it has become a habit.

So, I am here to support you along the way and cheer you on, as you reach your milestones. 


Ditch drinking easily

  • Understand and reflect on your relationship with alcohol

  • Determine what you want from not drinking for a period

  • Find things to help you on your alcohol free journey



Embody your new alcohol free identity

  • Successfully navigate alcohol free firsts

  • Discover passions and hobbies to help you on your journey

  • Incorporate new habits, as you find more time on your hands


Find lasting joy in all areas of your life:

  • Feel comfortable in your alcohol free identity

  • Commit to being alcohol free for 6 months or longer


Coaching Packages

All coaching packages utilise the THRIVE AF method, which will help you on your alcohol free journey to go from Foundation to Firsts to Freedom.

If you are questioning your relationship with alcohol and using it to manage stress, anxiety or overwhelm.  If you are waking up with a foggy head the morning after and wondering why you don't just stop, as you are no longer enjoying it, coaching will help.

I will support you as you grow into your alcohol free identity and help you discover what next


You are at the beginning of what will no doubt be the most exciting adventure, so see which package below could help you and book a clarity call to find out more and discuss if this is right for you.

Book a free 20 minute clarity call

To find out more about the Thrive Alcohol Free Coaching Packages, fill in the below to arrange a chat to learn how you can start on your exciting alcohol free journey.

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