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Are You Someone Who...

  • Is looking to live a full and expansive life with limitless possibilities?

  • Is curious to explore an alcohol free lifestyle?

  • Is open to understanding what it means to live an authentic life where you are fully present?

  • Wants to live a life you don't want to escape from?

  • Knows you are ready to follow a different path?

The 21 Day
Thrive Alcohol Free Kickstart

Imagine waking up with a clear head, feeling well rested and full of energy.

Imagine being truly present with your family and friends.

Imagine feeling less anxious and more calm.

Imagine being able to easily take a break from alcohol and enjoy the experience.

Imagine remembering the things you used to love about life.

If one or more of these is something you are looking for, then this kickstart is for you!

This 21 day guided Thrive Alcohol Free Kickstart, in a safe, non-judgemental environment, will give you the opportunity to experiment and see if being alcohol free could be helpful in some way.

By the end of the 21 days:

  • You will will have discovered five tangible tools to help you realise that you are not giving anything up, only gaining.

  • You will have been alcohol free for 21 days and seen at least five benefits.

  • You will have clarity on how you honestly feel about alcohol.

  • Finally, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not this is something you want to continue with for longer.

21 Day Thrive AF Kickstart Image.jpg




  • One 1-1 Coaching Session for self reflection and understanding where you are with alcohol

  • Three Live Group Coaching Sessions to learn tools to make not drinking feel easy and enjoyable. Plus the opportunity to ask questions and be coached on something that has come up during the week

  • Daily Inspiration with tips, journal prompts and motivational quotes to keep what you're doing front of mind and reflect on the kickstart journey as you go

  • Community Support to have the opportunity to hear the challenges others are facing and have accountability

  • A Copy of "A Cocktail of Clarity: How to Ditch Drinking, Embody a Joyful New Identity and Thrive Alcohol Free" Book, to delve further into an alcohol free lifestyle

  • Practical Goodies including a 21 Day Journal, App and Podcast and Quit Lit Recommendations

  • Bonus Celebration Group Session, so you can reflect and celebrate the 21 days and decide what next


What will you gain?

  • A clear understanding on the impact alcohol has on your daily life and how to break the cycle

  • How to beat the cravings that come at wine 'o clock​

  • How to navigate alcohol free firsts​

  • Practical tools to help you enjoy taking a 21 day break from alcohol​

  • A time to give yourself permission to explore whether being alcohol free is something you want to do longer term

Meet Your Coach: Dupe Witherick

DW AF.png

I spent many years drinking, as that's what society told me was normal. I realised I wasn't enjoying it and kept getting a nudge that ditching drinking would help in some way.

After 20+ years of drinking, I decided to take a 21 day break from alcohol and I'm now over 3 years alcohol free. I'm a runner, practice yoga & gratitude daily, I'm more present, read lots, enjoy being in nature and having fun with my husband and 9 year old daughter.

As an Alcohol Free Wellbeing & Transformational Coach, I help (mainly) women who know they want to stop drinking, take a break, make alcohol insignificant in their lives, explore an alcohol free lifestyle, and thrive!

Get Your Must Have Mocktail Recipes

I wanted to share my favourite Mocktail Recipes with you!

Mocktails are a great way to stop your inner child feeling like it's missing out.

That’s why I wanted to share these easy and fun recipes with you. So, you can try something different. Enjoy!

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